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The ATHLETES FUEL Difference

  • Programs catered to each and every athlete; based on age, training experience, structural limitations, muscle imbalances, and injury history
  • No cookie cutter programs; we don’t follow program ‘x’, internet programs, team programs
  • Training is purposeful; we have developed a system that allows our athletes to progressively improve in aiding their long-term athletic development
  • Train to become a “complete athlete”
  • Proper instruction and in-depth coaching
  • State of the art high performance training equipment
  • Long-term relationships and special bonds

Top Tier Athletes Trust Us

  • We have trained professional hockey players (NHL, AHL, ECHL, Europe), college athletes (NCAA, CIS), OHL, and high-level junior hockey players and continue to train the highest level of athletes
  • We are the only professional strength & conditioning business in the Chatham-Kent Region that offers these services


Provide the finest performance methods, coaching, and facilities to efficiently build complete athletes through training, nutrition, and recovery in order to enhance our athletes’ performance.

We believe that proper training involves much more than just putting athletes through a “hard workout”.  Instead, we prefer to take a more scientific-based approach that considers an athlete’s training age and individual needs.  Along with designing safe and effective training programs, we also strive to create a unique, hard-working training environment where serious athletes can thrive and realize their true athletic potential.


We are located inside Erickson Arena at 341 Delaware Ave. screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-12-30-26-pm


Ideally, athletes would train in the same group at a similar level, and training sessions would be at the same set times every week. With that said, we understand how difficult it is to balance school, sports, training, work, and having a social life. Therefore, we try to make it possible for athletes and clients to transfer their training time to another slot without compromising the quality of training they receive. In these situations, we simply need 24 hours advance notice, and to verify that there is a group that isn’t full at the time you’re available. This allows us to be flexible in our scheduling to better accommodate the varying scheduling needs of our athletes.  In terms of making up missed sessions, it is the responsibility of the athlete to reschedule with the coach.  Sessions will not be carried over from one seasonal session to the next.  Any missed sessions must be made up during that seasonal time period.


Finance charges will come in to effect for payments that are overdue.  We have a monthly finance charge of 10%. All overdue payments will be charged at this rate.

Our Results Guarantee! At Athletes’ Fuel Strength & Conditioning, you aren’t paying for our services, you’re investing in your own progress. Simply, if you bring the motivation, focus, and determination, we’ll provide everything you need to get the results you desire and deserve.